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Red & Black ReishiThe process for cultivation of Japanese red/back reishi mushroom involves grafting the superior reishi fungi onto aged dried wood logs of Japanese oak, which are then placed in greenhouses under strictly controlled environmental conditions. It is carefully monitored by ..
Fucoidan PlusMozuku & Mekabu Fucoidan, Agaricus & AHCCFucoidan is a natural sulfated polysaccharide that exists mainly in the cell wall matrix of various species of brown seaweed such as Mozuku, Wakame, Kombu, Limumoui, and Bladderwrack. The brown seaweeds containing fucoidan are widely cons..
High-Amylose Resistant Starch - Blood Sugar Control The practice of successful blood sugar management and treatment of diabetes starts with healthy eating habits, whole foods, exercise, nutrition and healthy meals. Naturalworld High-Amylose Resistant Starch powder contains the excellent bala..
Deer Velvet Antler ExtractDeer Velvet Antler is considered the most important medicinal substance of traditional Chinese medicine. This special velvet antler comes from red deer and elk or wapiti and fallow deer antlers. The highest contents of lipid, free amino acids and minerals are found ..
Red Cordyceps ExtractThis is extremely race of red cordyceps found in the Mount Fuji in Japan at location above 3,776 meters high What is Cordyceps Sinensis?  Cordyceps Sinensis has long been recognized as a superior mushroom that promotes vitality and endurance.  In the New Compilatio..
Sheep Stem CellThe healing mechanism of Switzerland Sheep Stem Cell extract involves the replacement and regeneration of old, dead or malfunctioning cells, thereby stimulating the growth and function of tissues in our body. Upon implantation, the stem cells or cell extracts are broken down i..
Super Collagen + C ComplexPure collagen type 1,2 and 3 complex contains collagen proteins, which provide the fundamental building blocks for growth and maintenance of beautiful, healthy skin, hair, nails, Bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and Tendons. This pure collagen is enzymatically hydr..
Red Maca Plus - Woman GinsengThe Peruvian people have used red Maca root vegetable as whole food for medicinal purposes to treat sexual dysfunction (low sex drive or libido, impotency or erectile problems), anxiety, stress and depression. Red Maca root extract is the rarest of all varieties ..
Bihaku Skin Whitening In Japanese culture, Bihaku means "beautifully white" and white mulberry are used to feed silk worms who produced the fiber to make kimonos fit for the ruling class and therefore mulberries represent support, nurturing and self-sacrifice. According to ancient Greeks, wh..
Eyebright - Healthy visionSupport Healthy vision, Dried and fatigue eyes, Improved vision from cataracts and glaucoma According to scientific studies, a group of carotenoids know as Zeaxanthin and Astaxanthin have show to support healthy vision, improve eyesight from dried eyes and eye fatigu..
RenaVite - Healthy Kidney FunctionSupport Healthy Kidney Function and Management in the Treatment of Kidney Stones In recent scientific and medical studies, Garcinia Cambogia Fruit extract (Malabar Tamarind) is effective for the management and treatment of kidney stones. RenaVite has also con..
Hemorrhoids ReliefSupport Management and Treatment of Internal and External Hemorrhoids, Varicose Veins and Chronic Venous InsufficiencyHemorrhoids Relief combine traditional Ayurvedic medicinal extract and standardized extract of herbal medicine from Germany for treatment of internal and exte..
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