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Red & Black ReishiThe process for cultivation of Japanese red/back reishi mushroom involves grafting the superior reishi fungi onto aged dried wood logs of Japanese oak, which are then placed in greenhouses under strictly controlled environmental conditions. It is carefully monitored by ..
Red Maca Plus - Woman GinsengThe Peruvian people have used red Maca root vegetable as whole food for medicinal purposes to treat sexual dysfunction (low sex drive or libido, impotency or erectile problems), anxiety, stress and depression. Red Maca root extract is the rarest of all varieties ..
Bihaku Skin Whitening In Japanese culture, Bihaku means "beautifully white" and white mulberry are used to feed silk worms who produced the fiber to make kimonos fit for the ruling class and therefore mulberries represent support, nurturing and self-sacrifice. According to ancient Greeks, wh..
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